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Sure. The Dead universe (dead to other technology making life) feature has been popular, especially with many religionists. Part of the problem with the Drake Equation, and it’s opportunity to expand on, is what Freeman Dyson insisted upon, long ago. This is simply, improved and revolutionary scientific equipment. For example, perhaps Red Dwarf stars are even more favorable to complex chemist forming, aka Life, than our old, yellow, sun is? We will not know, until we have better and better observatories (optical radio infra-red neutrino, gravitational) floating about and gathering incoming data from the outer solar system, and maybe, the Oort Cloud. I am guessing that Enrico Fermi, and his 1932 proposition that neutrinos existed, would have been met with blinking eyes had he been able to propose neutrinos, to the astronomers, of 1832, for example. Maybe not a few mathematicians, though, ;-)

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