I’m all for being visionary, but first we must set up the basics: colonies in near space, so if the…
David Román

Yes, and whether realistic or not, things like solar power sats, as well as helium-3 mining on the moon, as well as earth-approaching asteroid mining, have all been proposed. As of this year, my suspicion is that these, are unaffordable. That, as of now, the ROI is just awful, and that it won’t likely be done, as things now stand. The North Korea thing was me using an example of, say Lil’ Kim, using nuke warheads, to strike at an imaginary, solar power beaming facility, on the moon, as a choke-point for killing the power to all of the earth, were we to go that route (beamed solar power etc.)

Kim’s nukes, independent of any wild electricity making schemes, striking, South Korea, Japan, or the US-all likely targets, perhaps, using electromagnetic pulse to fry microchips, over a 4000 mile region (if this is doable?) would be a civilization-crushing event, if successful.

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