Using video content to enhance your Instagram Stories

I’m hoping you already know what Instagram Stories and IGTV are.

It’s the new Snapchat, haven’t you heard?

The editing screen of Instagram Stories

If you’re using Insta-Stories semi-regularly, taking photos of your brekky, a quick snap of the sunset with a nice filter on it. You’re already halfway there. You’re showing your followers that you’re doing the things.
Whether it’s a business or a personal page, having access to some decent video footage and a sound knowledge of editing can help step-up your content in the eyes of your followers.

Another reason to use video content, will give your audience a variation of product. If you share with the audience a different version of what you shared in the Instagram Feed, they’re seeing something different.

Once your content is up, it times out after 24 hours. 
Once the viewer sees your content, they won’t see it again if they’re just scrolling through Stories, the Instagram algorithm won’t push any content to them, unless they haven’t seen it.


  • Editing
    Insta-Stories are portrait format. If you’re not shooting your footage in portrait, that’s 100% OK, just keep in mind your quality won’t be as great if you’re scaling a standard HD 1080x1920p shot up to the 1920x1080p Insta-Stories format.
  • Export
    When exporting, a few things to note in your Export Settings, I’m using Premiere Pro CC. 
    1. Keep your Field Order ‘Progressive’. Long story short, newer smart phones work better with this setting and sometimes your video won’t even show up in the camera roll if this isn’t selected. I learned the hard way.
    2. Instagram detects when the video was exported and sees it as when it was “created/Shot”. So any videos that I’ve exported after a 24 hours period, you won’t see it in your camera roll for upload. Simple workaround for this is to just drag the video back into a new timeline and re-export (rewrap). 
    3. If your video is longer than 15 seconds long, you’ll need to export your video in 15 second increments. The maximum story length is 15 seconds.
  • Upload
    Once you’ve exported your videos from Premiere Pro, either AirDrop it to your apple device from a Mac. Or if you’re using a PC, upload it to Google Drive or DropBox and download it to your phone from there. 
    Head to Instagram and it should show up in your camera roll in your Stories upload.

Last but not least, if your editor is unavailable or you’re stuck for time. You can directly share a video from your, or another users Instagram Feed straight to your Stories. This won’t be as effective as the user seeing the product straight away, but it will give them a link to click away to the original video on the chosen feed.