Being Organized is Overrated

I get why people think it’s important to be organized. You don’t want to miss something important or have it fall through the cracks.

But here’s the thing. Looking back over my 30-year career, I don’t believe that being organized had much to do with my success. Consistently taking massive action did.

If I’m brutally honest, some of the most memorable business successes I’ve experienced came from unexpected events and last minute disorganized chaotic fire drills. Opportunities and results flowed more naturally from massive multi-tasking than organized marketing, business and plans. I think Jeff Goldblum said it best when he explained the “Chaos Theory” below.

Normally I try to stay somewhat organized and like to be prepared. Often times though, circumstance beyond my control dictate when a courtroom will open up or if a witness can make it to court to offer key testimony (yes, I’m a trial lawyer). While I do think my personality allows me to multi-task easier than most, I must say that upon reflection, when good things happened, it seemed more the result of activity and chaos theory than focused intentional preparation.

Look, you can be the most organized person in the world, but if you’re not taking action and actively engaging in business and life opportunities, nothing will happen. Life is often chaotic and disorganized. Stop worry about this reality and instead, embrace it.

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