Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

This summer I decided to intern for a company called Action Packed Leadership which is owned and operated by a close friend and colleague of mine, Kyle Willkom. Deciding to intern with Kyle was very exciting, but at the same time very nerve racking. Moving to Nashville and leaving my friends and family behind to sacrifice my summer to learn about entrepreneurship was not an easy decision. By making this leap I knew I would miss out on summer bonfires, party’s, and various other crazy excursions with those closest to me.

Upon further reflection I asked myself by not taking this leap what would I be sacrificing? I’d give up the chance to get an inside look at starting a company and live the life of an entrepreneur. I’d miss out on the chance to live in a new city, make connections, and get real world experience by living on my own. And even more so, I wouldn’t know what I would miss out on because I wouldn’t have taken the chance to find out.

Often times we pass on opportunities because they are uncomfortable. We become familiar with the life we lead and changing that familiarity scares us. Humans are creatures of habit and we like knowing what comes next. The downside of this however is that familiarity and being comfortable breads complacency and stunts personal growth. If we accept the status quo of our life, and never push ourselves outside of our comfort zone we never progress personally or professionally.

Taking leaps and getting uncomfortable challenges us, period. It requires individuals to adapt and learn on the fly. Being uncomfortable pushes your skills to the limit, and as a result you find new limits for yourself and accomplish things that your previously couldn’t imagine. This blog is also a homage to my brother who is currently in Officer Candidate School for the Marines where he faces more uncomfortable situations than I could even fathom.

This summer Matt, my brother, will be pushed to his limit and beyond his breaking point. It will be incredibly uncomfortable in the moment, but by the end of his training Matt will become the best version of himself and will be capable of leading others in a chaotic wartime environment. He will have surpassed what he thought he could accomplish with his current abilities, and will in affect be a new person.

Now the point of this blog is not to tell you to join the marines, or move to a new city. But I do challenge you to get uncomfortable as much as possible. If you aspire to be a division one athlete get uncomfortable by training with athletes better than you to push your skills further. If you are an aspiring singer, get uncomfortable and sign up for an open mike night to see how people react to your music. If you want to be an entrepreneur, get uncomfortable by starting a business or finding a mentor who is an entrepreneur.

Whatever the case, get uncomfortable and chase your dreams and know that if you are comfortable then you are probably missing out on an opportunity that will make you better.

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