Meet Actor — Dhruv Bali

Introducing actor Dhruv Bali —

Dhruv offers a mix of raw sex-appeal, a charismatic personality, ambiguous ethnicity, and a dash of innocence and boyish charm. His recent projects include the short film “The Void” and a Solo Theatrical Performance of the play “Pain is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever” which he wrote, directed and performed in San Francisco.

His most recent piece is the feature film “The Mirror Game” which is set for release this summer. He played the lead Ronnie Bhanot and you can learn more about the project here —

Dhruv’s view on life is similar to Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage.” He feels that we are all actors, playing our own diverse parts in this journey of life. His mantra is to “Absorb the Useful, Disregard the Useless, and Add what is uniquely one’s own.”

To enhance his performance skills, he has studied under professional Hollywood coaches like Doug Warhit, Annie Grindlay, Carolyn Barry, Killian Mchugh, Upright Citizens Brigade and Maureen Brown.

Fueled by his passion and love for acting, storytelling and art, Dhruv aspires to bring heartfelt experiences and entertaining performances to his audience and touch their hearts, minds and souls.

You can watch his theatrical and commercial reels here —