Already Given Up On Your Goals For 2016?

For those of you that set New Year goals for 2016 - awesome, but have you already lost track of the goal you set? Have you already given up and accepted the fact that your goal won’t come to fruition? According to one study, 25% of people that make New Year’s resolutions quit after the first week. If you’re one of those folks I want you to know that it’s OK if you did. A lot of people set New Year’s goals because they want to make a difference in their life. The idea of a fresh start to a new year is a great mindset to have, but it can also be a challenging one.

The reason you have already given up (or already thought about it)is because you haven’t sold yourself on accomplishing your goal. A new year might bring new opportunities, but it doesn’t instantly change your ability to set and work toward goals. You can’t let the date on the calendar determine will you will begin to create a better you. It has to be done naturally and it must begin when you are ready. I experienced this first hand with my weight problems. Growing up I set countless New Year’s resolutions to become a healthier person, but every single one of the them failed. It wasn’t until I made the decision on my own that I successfully began my journey as a healthier person. Below are some tips that I used to instill the desire to accomplish my goals and I hope they help you as you work to accomplish yours.

  1. Sell Yourself.

You have to sell yourself on the idea of accomplishing a goal. You have to convenience yourself that it’s a real possibility and that you have the potential to reach the goal in sight. If you don’t sell the idea of success to yourself, you’re not going to hit your markers. Sharpen up your sales skills and convince yourself that you can and will achieve the goal you have in place.

2. Use Your Imagination.

Growing up in school we were always told to stop day dreaming and focus on the task at hand. Well ignore that and start dreaming away! Something I used to help accomplish my weight loss goal was dreaming about a healthier me. What I would look like, feel like, and how I would act. I would imagine myself in the gym, eating healthy, and trying on clothes that actually fit me. Using my imagination to help create a better body and mindset for myself is one of the key reasons I was able to lose 100 pounds and have continued to keep the weight off.

3. Remind Yourself Of Your Goals.. Daily

Humans are forgetful. I’ll make the goal of being a healthier person at 7pm in the evening and the next morning I’m sitting in a McDonalds drive through before I remember that I had even created a goal. Reminding yourself daily about the goals you want to achieve will greatly increase your ability to stay focused. I have a list full of goals that I write down 2–3 times a day. By doing so, they have been so ingrained into my memory that I will never forget what I’m working towards. Even if you just have one goal, write it down every single day so you can stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

Making the decision to set a New Years resolution is easy, but actually following through with it is difficult. Remind yourself why you want to change and stay focused on the track that will get you to success. I wish everyone the best of luck with their New Years resolution!

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