Why I’m Not Going To Work Ever Again.

I’m currently 23 years old, work full time, and I’m also finishing my bachelors degree in the evenings. I was once a very lazy person. High school was a joke in which I was determined to never amount to anything. Thankfully, with a new mindset, great things started happening and I’m now more productive and happier than I’ve ever been.

When I graduated high school I decided to go to college to please the people surrounding me. I’m still not too happy that I went, but hey, I’m almost done, so why not finish? In the beginning I would dream of graduating, getting a 9–5 job and spending my evenings and weekends doing absolutely nothing except hanging out with friends and family — it sounded perfect. As I near graduation, I’ve realized I want nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with that cozy lifestyle. The shear fact of knowing I once thought working 40 hours seemed difficult is scary.

I manage a rental property and get opportunities to help other properties in my area and different states. I work with government affordable housing as well as luxury market rate units. I love what I do, it’s a challenge and gives me an opportunity to grow. So much so, that I hate only working 40 hours a week— it’s terrible. I have such a passion and desire for creating something great that I want to constantly work. When I’m not physically at work I consume material that relates to my field during the evenings and on the weekends. Sure, I could work 40 hours a week and be a decent manager, but I want more. I want to be the best at what I do and want to grow beyond imaginable.

The point I’m making is I no longer go to work. I wake up every morning with a desire, not just to complete the tasks assigned at work, but to thrive in the position I am in. It’s not too late to change how you think. If you have a passion for something, why would you not pursue it with all of your time and energy? It certainly is a struggle managing my work, and time with friends/family, but it’s worth it. I’m loving what I do, I’m learning daily, and ultimately I’m having more fun than ever before.

A few things that help me build a desire for growth is:

  • Daily Podcasts (Grant Cardone is a big one!)
  • Morning routine.
  • Reading. Whether on the computer or book, read a lot.
  • Writing down my short and long term goals every morning and evening.
  • Exercising daily, even if for only 10 minutes.
  • Talking to others who are passionate about the same topic.
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