October 18th. Creative writing.

“Babe. It’s happening. Honey PLEASE!” Annie said frantically as a small puddle started to form under the chair she was sitting in.

“Okay, okay. Don’t panic. We’ve gone through this before. I’ll pull the car around. Stay here, drink some water.” Alex resonded.

They have been together for 8 years and today they are adding a new member to their family. They live in on the eastern side of Pittsburgh just outside of downtown. It’s about a 12 minute drive to the hospital but due to the early state of which her contractions are at, time shouldn’t be an issue.

That doesn’t make it feel any less world-ending however.

Alex pulls the car around and helps his disgruntled wife into their carolla. Once in he takes out his phone and records the time and starts driving, awkwardly making small talk on the way. Annie doesn’t seem to notice however and continues to cry out in pain as she bends over at the waistline. Alex, who has remained calm the entire time as an effort to keep things going smoothly, starts to worry. His nerves start taking over whilst his wife is in more pain that he could imagine. About 3 miles away from the hospital Annie signals to her husband to stop the car. Luckily they were only going 30 in a residential area but he pulls over to the side, flashers on, and she barely makes it to to curb before spewing the hotdogs she ate for lunch and just about everything in her stomach onto the freshly trimmed lawn of some unfortunate home owner. She culapsed, nearly missing the the fresh mess just created. Alex jumped out of the car, no longer calm, brings his wife a bottle of water as fast as he could. Her face has started losing color. After taking a few sips of the water he basically picks up his nearly unconscious, mid- labor wife and drags her into the passenger seat of the car and buckles her in.

At his point he has the heartbeat of a runner and is driving recklessly trying to get his sick wife to the hospital as quickly as one can. Arrival though things get a little different. Annie is rushed into the emergency room and is surrounded by doctors trying to regulate her blood pressure and hydration. She lost a fair amount of water when she vomited so they make her drink as much water as the baby will let her keep down. They start giving her pain med’s too as this is gonna be a long and very painful few hours. From what Annie read about the child birth going in, she definitely could not have prepared herself for this. Her body was totally rejecting the birth and she was taking the brunt load.

She’s about 3 hours from delivery at this point and the doctors have been working constantly since they arrived. Alex is a nervous wreck, everytime the doctors step him out of the room, the news only gets worse. The most reacent update informed him of her signs of fatigue and hot flashes. Her heart has started beating irregularly and breathing is off beat.

This time was different though. Instead of the doctors assistant taking him out a group of 4 doctors, including the lead gynecologist, lead Alex out of the room and out of the corner.

“Alex, I have some bad news for you.” said the gynecologist “You’re wife is very in very frail contition and isn’t likely to make it through delivery. All signs show the baby will be born healthy and unscathed if you choose to go through with the birth. We can however, abort the baby and your wife, while very weak currently, would more than likely be able to make a full recovery. My dearest apologies. We’ll go grab the results from her test’s and give you guys some time to decide on the course of action you’d like to take”

Alex barely heard the last sentance. He goes into panic. His vision slurs and becomes out of focus and he chokes on his own breath struggling to breath as if the news just knocked the wind out of him. Sweat starts profusely running down his forehead and he loses his footing on his way to the drinkg fountain, drinking water to try and gain control of his emotions and not faint. He starts crying at the drinking fountain at the thought of one of the two most important things in his life are about the come to an end today. He makes his way back to the room and finds his wife, tear ridden, looking as if someone drained the color from her skin. A ghost of who she’d been at work just several hours earlier. Alex gives her a hug and pulls away. He hasn’t exited the panic attack and hasn’t even stopped to think about the decision they have to make.

Annie wispers to him with her raspy voice “I’m letting the baby live”.

Alex can’t control himself at this point. He’s mid panic attack and can feel another one starting. He starts balling and burries his head into her chest. She gives out a grunt and he lightens the pressure up a bit. He muster’s up the only words he can think of at this point:

“I love you”

He continues to bawl for the next five or so minutes before being able to form complete sentences again. He ask’s her if they could at least talk about it. She said no. “I have lived 34 years on this wonderful planet, I met some wonderful people.” she leaned in and kissed Alex on the forehead. “How selfish would it be for me to not even let this one get a chance? I’m not afraid of dying. You have made me happier than I could’ve ever imagined and then some. I want my baby to enjoy the world as much as I did and hopefully she’ll find someone as good as you.”

The doctor’s returned with the results. They asked whether they had reached a decision. Annie told them they wanted to risk it and continue with the birth. The doctors helped Alex up and told both of them they will do everything they can to keep her alive but can make no promises.

The worked for the next four hours trying to get Annie’s frail body to push hard enough. By the time the baby popped it’s head out she was barely alive. The doctor’s told Alex to make his final goodbyes as the last push would likely send her over the edge.

He said his final goodbyes and Annie pushed with all her might and as the doctors grabbed the newborn for the first time, the room was filled with a sorrowful silence only being broken by the constant beep of the heartrate monitor showing no longer thumping a beat.

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