October 20th. A Cool Fall Day.

It’s a cold, brisk day is Seattle, Washington.

The ground is still wet from yesterday’s misting and I can feel the moisture in the air. I decided to write outside today. It’s not the most comfortable weather to sit and enjoy, from what I hear, Minnesota is going through a warms spell right now. But alas I wanted to try and get this done early in the day and hopefully before my hands turn to dark a shade of purple.

If I actually cared about birds I could probably tell a difference between them but it sounds like a chirpping mess to me. I like it though, birds chirpping has always made me feel as if the day was going to be special. I step outside and whether it be for a run or simply to get to my car to drive to work. If I am present enough to hear the birds, I know that today is going to work out.

There’s a major airport about 15 miles away from me right now so it’s hard to go more than a few minutes without hearing a plane cruising overhead. I wish there was a virtual reality app that you could point into the sky and see the details of the plane above. Similrar to the ones that show the constellations. I don’t know if the airlines would allow people to access that information or if that would even be possible but it would be cool nontheless. I really enjoy all the planes though. I’ve seen three planes land in the water since I got to Seattle and it hasn’t gotten old.

I don’t know if I just didn’t notice floaral arrangements in Minnesota but boy are they nice here! Every flower I can find I try and smell. Each one has it’s own distinct scent and I enjoy the surprise. Some of them don’t have a scent which always leaves something to be desired, it’s like they’re toying with you.

I took a run in the rain yesterday which felt amazing. I ended up taking a walk by the end of the run because everything looked really pretty. The tree’s along the road are all a vibrant mix of yellows, oranges, and reds. I stood infront of this yellow tree and admired it. I felt as thought the owners of the property had it on display, it was right in the middle of their yard. It was maybe a foot or two taller than I but it was as full a tree as I ever saw. It had been raining for a good portion of the morning by this point. I was already pretty drenched by this point and decided to run straight through the side of the tree. It carried a lot more water than I imagined it would. I was soaking wet by this point but I really didn’t care. I picked up the pace some more and felt the bitterness of the cool breeze go straight through my drenched running shirt. Luckily I had been running for a while so my body was warm but it felt invigorating and feeling. I took out my headphones as well halfway through my run so I could hear the birds and boy were they chirping. It was a fun way to end my run and I may be doing that more often. I enjoy being out of breath and just walking around an area looking at shit.

I went for a hike today around Seward Park south of downtown and boy was it marvelous. The leaves were gorgeous, the water next to me was rocking surf sized 6 inch waves, it was a beautiful fall day to walk around the park in. I found this tree that was maybe 30 to 40 feet long that was overhanging by the water. It had fallen over right next to the water but it’s root structure was still intertwined with the ground which meant that this tree was able to extend out only about 30 degrees above the water. There was a couple ropes tied to it meaning some kids had had some fun with the tree before me. I chose to just find an easy place to perch and enjoy the view and the breeze. I had three warm layers on so it wasn’t too chilly for me. The tree gave an excellent view over the bay and the houses across the way which were surrounded by colourful trees for miles. I definitely plan on going back to that tree in the summertime and swimming at least a few times. Very cool spot.

Other than that the park really impressed me. For how cold it was today there were a surprising amount of people out jogging and walking along the trail around the peninsula. There were a lot of rocky beaches stretching the entire coast line and many benches to sit in along the way. I didn’t explore much of the inners of the park as the walk around took over two hours. I definitely plan on going back though, as the park was close and well worth the treck to get there.

Coming from yesterday which ended on a great note. Probably the most euphoric I’ve felt since I arrived. I didn’t feel very motivated today. It probably was because I didn’t wake up early and didn’t run but I wish I had done more with today. Hopefully the move tomorrow doesn’t take up a ton of time because I’d like to continue my journey. I’ve been watching a lot of Alan Watts as well. I really want to find a visceral talk of his that I could make into a short film/animation. I think that doing things like those are the best way to speed up my craft and improve. I think after one more big project I will start putting a lot more effort into the minute skills of animation. Plus doing another project and hopefully finishing it in a timely manor will show me more fully whether or not the avenue is right for me.

I also picked up my violin today for a quick second. I am super excited to begin practicing. For the first time in my life I am itching to play music and having easy access to is something I am very grateful for. It will also be nice to start playing an instrument having already played for 7 years instead of starting fresh. I was never very good but it will be a lot faster progression which will be encouraging and make it more likely to continue playing.

Overall I’m really excited to go back to Minnesota. I think it will be refreshing to do things for the pleasure of doing them and a nice break from the routine that I have developed here. I am enjoying my time greatly and am learning a ton about myself, but the warm and inviting engagements of friends will be very welcomed! Here’s to another productive week!

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