Congress Considers Tackling Gun Violence By Permitting Even More Guns
Yitzi Weiner

When people (usually on the left) say “we need a conversation about ‘gun violence’” (in the rare instances when they don’t really want a monologue, with them talking and their opponents shutting up and taking it), the rest of us respond “It’s impossible to have a conversation when pretty much everything you people bring to the conversation is facile chanting point”.

The “it’s about selling more guns!” meme is an easy way for anti-civil-rights advocates to feel self-righteous — but at the grassroots level where most 2nd Amendment activists live, and where *all* the political power comes from, it’s about protecting the *law abiding citizen* from capricious, ill-informed and venal laws.

And asking “how forcing states to allow more people to carry concealed guns tackles ongoing, horrific, deadly and traumatic gun violence in community after community? The answer is; it doesn’t” is logically vacant. People with carry permits are *two orders of magnitude* less likely to commit *any* crime than the general public, even if you use the anti-gun Violence Policy Centers stats. Law-abiding citizens *are not the problem*.

Finally, as regards “Constitutional Carry”, here’s a logical conundrum for you: when a cop encounters a person with a gun and some reasonable to be checked into, they don’t check for their carry permit; they check for their criminal record. Which provides the same information that is used…to grant or deny carry permits. Constitutional Carry doesn’t handicap the police in any meaningful way.

Mr. Weiner — I’d welcome an opportunity to educate you on some of the realities of this issue, in the unlikely event that reality is what interests you.

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