The haunted painting of Lenore

This painting came my way a few weeks ago. It changed my life in ways that hardly make sense.

The seller was eager to sell it. Ten dollars. I found the girl a bit creepy, but it was a nice original painting. It was painted by an artist named Mich Ane, unknown to most. On April 22nd 1980 he gifted it to a 12 year old girl named Sari Penny. But Sari was too afraid of the painting and never hung it her room. The sad, frightful painting of Lenore would remain in her house though. Her father thought it would be disrespectful to dispose of a gift. For 37 years the painting hung in a rarely used room. Everyday, he’d make sure he greeted the girl with a “hello” and a smile. He sensed that ignoring her would only bring troubles.

So it was a cool day in June 2017 that I found Lenore at a garage sale in Renfrew, Canada. The seller’s last words to me “be nice to her or she might turn on ya”.

Every morning, I greet Lenore with a smile. I’m still not sure if she can sense my insincerity.

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