What I learned from my racist run-in (illustrated)
Anisa Mercedes Rawhani

I liked this article, especially I liked your pictures, my experiences of course are different. It’s not my skin color that triggers insensitive comments or actual discrimination but the region of the US where I was raised. Simply put, I’m a Hillbilly. Proud of it too. So I’ve had many experiences all my life very similar to yours where people make incorrect assumptions based on my accent or information I offer up willingly. The most common are assumptions that I am ignorant, uneducated, racist or unfamiliar with wearing shoes. I never considered these myriad of slights racism, and still don’t, but I believe a younger generation is expanding the meaning of the word in a way that could include them as such. I’m glad your encounter did not result in physical harm or more serious intellectual consternation, myself I have used all your reactions when dealing with racism. They are all just tools in the tool box and there are proper applications for each. Sadly, you don’t win every battle or come up with the perfect response each time. There are times that I was not hired, left outside of a group, or just flat out insulted because overcoming in those situations was simply not worth the effort. I save the big guns for the big battles…I would suggest that to anyone.

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