Rex Hammock:

STown stands for Shit Town, the name given to his hometown by John B. McLemore. The town he’s grown to hate is in Bibb County, Ala., about midway between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. John (or John B) is one of those people who has grown angry with the world, an iconoclast who can’t believe what idiots human beings have become. Unfortunately, he’s smart enough to know it’s true. He’s brilliant on a wide range of topics and is one of the world’s most talented restorers of antique mechanical clocks. But he’s also crazy as a loon and a world class cusser.
… I’m a native of Alabama and have lived in the South all my life. I’ll admit, however, my experience in the South has been more suburban new South “Gardens & Guns” than rural town new South tattoos and Trump. But still, I’ve known a few John B’s in my life. They are unique and engaging while, simultaneously, scarey as hell.

S-Town is brilliant.


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