I’m on Facebook double secret probation!

I just got flagged for abuse by Facebook, in a message that doesn’t explain what my behavior was or how I need to change it.

I received an email from Facebook that says I’m “temporarily restricted from creating Open Graph actions” until 9:54 am tomorrow. Apparently I’ve been abusing the privilege. The notice doesn’t say how I’ve been abusive and what behavior I need to change.

I know Open Graph is how Facebook decides what images to use with a post, and that it probably does other things too. I’m no Open Graph expert.

Also, why send the notice to me on email — where I might mistake it for a phishing attempt — rather than as a Facebook message?

Actually, I can’t swear that it’s not a phishing attempt. I’m pretty sure it’s not, but who can be 100% sure.

Really poor communications, Facebook.

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