Netflix’s Lost in Space remake casts Deadwood’s Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson — Nathalie Caron, Blastr

I loved the series when I was a kid, and the occasional YouTube clip of the show can always make me smile. I liked the 1998 movie fine — it was charming. I’m not enthusiastic about a remake but I guess I’ll give it a try.

As an adult, I found the premise unbelievable — that NASA would send a single family into space, on what would probably be a one-way mission. You can’t start a colony with that small of a gene pool. Now I’m thinking, who could get away with something like that? Well, a crazy billionaire, that’s who. So imagine you’ve got an engineer-billionaire who’s nuts for space and builds a spaceship for herself and bullies her family into coming with her. That could work.

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