According to people who claim to be eyewitnesses but could just be blowing smoke, the Fox commentator tried to cut in line at Wawa, one of a chain of Philly convenience stores. When one of the patrons said, “Ay, the line starts back there,” Hannity responded “he was in a hurry, he had a very important job to get back to & to let Tanikqua fix his sandwich so he can get back to work … The Wawa worker’s name was Ashley.”

During the argument that ensued, Hannity supposedly said, “This is the culture of lawlessness the Obamas & Black Lives Matter have taught you people.” Then the manager showed up and kicked Hannity out of the store.

Hannity denies the story.

Legend: Rude Sean Hannity gets booed right out of Wawa in Philly — Michael Tanenbaum, PhillyVoice

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