iPad Racing Accessory is Promising a Better Experience for the Gamer

NB! This is my secret weapon for time trials and all other challenges

Guys, I’m impatient to introduce you this iPad gem

KOLOS: World’s First 9.7" iPad Racing Wheel.

Introducing KOLOS — a tabletop gaming wheel which uses iPad’s built-in sensors to let you conveniently play the hundreds of racing and tilt iOS games in a more fun and engaging way. Stop holding your iPad and let KOLOS do it for you.

If you are a racing junkie and have wanted a more realistic way to play games on your iPad well now is the time. Get behind the wheel with Kolos and immensely boost your gaming experience. Kolos is designed specifically for games supporting landscape mode, (racing, shooters, flight simulators, etc.) and is light enough to be used for air gaming or comes with an attachment to easily mount it to a desk for a stationary session.

It’s strange to me that for so many years no one has taken seriously the problem of your hands sweating and the extra steering when tilting.

This stabilizing clamp looks pretty promising. Will definitely make the experience even more enjoyable.

Monza, here we come…

I challenge everyone to compete on Monza with the wheel and the 1995 F1 Ferrari car.

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