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Mondays are for:

📚 Reading a good book

🎥 Watching some awesome series or movie

🏃🏻Taking a walk

☕️ Having a coffee with people you like

💡 Hobbies or side projects

Simply enjoying the day. Giving the world time to get back to normal.

Why? Because almost everyone on Monday is:

😩 Cranky

😤 Pissed off

😴 Sleepy

👨🏻‍💻 Not yet in “working” mode

🤓 Lacking concentration

🤬 Confrontational

😕 Nervous

😡 Basically hates the world

‪So why waste time and energy‬ on something futile?

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If you really have to work on Monday, then its best to keep it simple as…

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Truth is, being a beautiful man or woman is like having a cheat code in life. Don’t waste it.

Specially in today’s world of social media, YouTube, and Instagram one can make a business out of that. Superficial but true.

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They way we subconsciously react to beauty opens them almost every door in business, work, and life. The influence power can be tremendous.

Research has shown that we automatically assign to good-looking people such favorable traits as talent, kindness, honesty, and intelligence.

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Good-looking people are likely to receive highly favorable treatment in the legal system and politics.

We got tricked by the Internet companies that if they give us the product/service for free, than they owe us nothing.

Hey, you are getting our service for free. What the hell do you want more? Right?


Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube…every company on the Internet riding the “free” business model.

They shove us their diabolical Terms of Service that no one reads or understands. And we blindly just click YES. Making them owners of our attention.

We are left with nothing. No rights to ask what is happening, what are you doing, and are you responsible. …



📱 Passionate: Мobile & Тech 🎨 Curious: Design of Stuff 🌞 Hunting: Xperiences 👽 Normal is Boring

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