Simplest Blogging Tip

You are sitting at your favorite coffeshop. $2.000 MacBook charged at 100%. Slowly sipping that Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino. Ready to write your best blogpost ever.

15 minutes nothing. 30 minutes nothing. Two and half hours later You still got nothing. Well except that $37 coffee receipts.

You think, I must be “blocked” or somethin.


The problem is you are thinking about the headline first. Using all your brain power and creativity to come up with the best headline.

Next time just start writing. Don't think about the headline. Simply start writing what you want to say to the world.


Because when you finish your blog, and read it couple of times, the headline will come to you naturally. One simple and short sentence. The sum of all. Make it bold, honest and powerfull. Remember, it is the first and maybe only thing your readers will read.

This is the worlds simplest blogging tip: Leave the headline last.