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  • AWS Mobile Hub — this is a direct Parse replacement that recently came out by AWS. Although this is in Beta, AWS is a well respected platform that supports many huge companies like Netflix and Yelp. AWS Mobile Hub — Develop, Test & Launch Mobile Apps
  • Firebase — (acquired by Google) Firebase offers a great solution for real time communication and data storage. It’s perfect if what you are doing is mainly data & realtime (chat, game, collaboration, etc…) but it’s not very flexible for other things (e.g. payment, SMS, push notifications etc…) Build Extraordinary Apps — Firebase
  • RapidAPI — a backend platform that allows for saving data and integrating APIs. It is based on blocks so each basic action is represented by a block. You can combine blocks to create logic. It has a bit of a higher learning curve but it’s probably more flexible.
  • BackAnd — a platforms that allows you to create an AngularJS ready backend for your app. Its really good of you are working on AngularJS web apps and your data is stored on Amazon RDS. AngularJS Backend — Back&
  • StackMob (their website seems out of date)
  • Kinvey — an ‘Enterprise Parse’ of sorts