Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

During the primaries, I knew zero Hillary supporters. Everyone I knew supported Sanders. -Except for my Republican friends, who we split upon who to support, but were always united against HRC. I don’t remove people on my friend’s list for being for one party or another…for being idiots and spreading ignorant hateful vitriol, yes. However, in the case of HRC, especially with the revealing Podesta emails leaks, they were right. While Trump was a hatemonger and rabble rouser, what he brought to the table was change. Someone from outside of the establishment who couldn’t be bought. Clinton, proved to be just the opposite, especially with her pay-to-play schemes using tax payer dollars.

As HRC gave Republicans someone to unite them against, Trump gives us someone to unite against. The only thing I worry about, in that regard, is the possibility that Trump might actually be a good president. -Especially if we can keep pressure on him to focus on doing the right thing for the American worker, rather than big business, as both parties have been doing for the last 40 years. 
Now is the time for us to come out and protest, not against a person, but against government corruption. Rather than appose this person at every turn, we need to look to see how we can ride this wave and use it to our advantage. For example, making insurance premiums tax-deductible, pulling out of wars and decrease the defense splurging, pushing for better consumer protection laws (especially against banks), higher minimum wages, etc. 
As far as clean energy goes, I’m afraid all they hear is money. So, in that respect, we should be focusing on how green energy technologies save people more money. The case no longer becomes an interest of “tree hugging liberals”, but one of being fiscally conservative. 
It is far easier to channel water in a certain direction than it is to try to stop if from flowing.

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