Overview of Udacity Artificial Intelligence Engineer Nanodegree, Term 1
Vitaly Bezgachev

Thanks for mentioning me in this article.

I’m so happy that you find my reviews useful, and all the more so because they are your favorite ones among those you have read.

I really like that you singled out two of your favorite deep-learning courses: the one from Andrew Ng, and Fast.ai — I think that’s really valuable. 
I also think you did a great job concisely summarizing the course content, your experiences, and your feelings about the program. For someone who hasn’t taken AIND, I think I find a lot of information in this article which answered a lot of my questions about the program.

Also, thanks for recommending the book: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

I also think the spreadsheet of resources is particularly valuable as well.

You did link to the main Github site though and not to your account, so you might want to fix that if that wasn’t intended.

I wish you a lot of success in your ML/DL/AI journey, and thank you for the article (and for including me in it!)!

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