Bigger, Stronger, Faster — Update 10/13/2019

MORE Mithril Ore Token
Oct 13 · 2 min read

Stream for Crypto
The latest promotional music release — “Where the Coins At?” has hit Spotify (and other streaming platforms) running. We have seen a nice boost in streams — purchases — and favorites. The song has gotten Critical Acclaim (DC hip hop museum) — even a healthy debate over which artist performed the best (Youtube).

Hold MORE — Stream Music — Generate Cryptocurrency

We have a lot more music, and Guardian Digital Music is entertaining launching other artists’ music via this “stream music to generate cryptocurrency” model.

Look Close!- Monthly Listeners of 9/14 artists on “Where the Coins At” — Big Numbers!

Link to purchase the song

Link to stream the song (Spotify)

Brave Browser
Our Brave Browser Alliance was vetted by the Brave Compliance team and “The Mithril OReDER Brave Alliance” was deemed to be in compliance with the Brave terms of Service. This has been a long process, but we knew after review — we would be returned to a fully active account. AT THIS POINT, OUR BRAVE ACCOUNT HAS RETURNED FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

Brave Alliance — Back up and Running!

Probably our major revenue source of the BRAVE BAT token browser has been donations to our Flagship youtube channel, and bonuses from referral browser downloads (more then 150 from our link!).

We are going to further explore the possibility of adding more youtube channels, websites, and Twitter accounts to our Brave alliance network. Please inquire if you or an influencer is interested.

Brave Browser Download Referral Link

Most recent revenue transaction from Brave proceeds donated to Mithril Ore.

Osaka, Japan — Ethereum’s Devcon 5 (Developer Conference)
The Ethereum developing community seems to be as strong as ever — and Proof of Stake — is planned for early 2020. It has been a slow process, but aims to secure the Ethereum Blockchain better than Bitcoin. We will continue to keep you posted on Ethereum 2.0.

Don’t forget to Stream our Volume 1 of our Music!

We thank you for your continued support.

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