What do you need for chemotherapy? Think of it like a long haul flight

Hi Lauren, you have a charming, quintessentially British (English?) way of describing a chemo session.

My mum’s being going through the same for the last two years (on and off). The drugs they give her make her drowsy, she does try to get a few pages from her Kindle in though. But mostly it is anecdotes from me that keep her engaged (and an occasional orange if she feels like it).

I’m very tempted to ask you share this piece on the Help & Hacks blog I’ve set up here (medium.com/help-hacks) because you have essentially given a hack on how to get through a fairly demanding medical procedure.

Regardless, I’ll get my mum to read this, maybe she’ll pick a trick or two for her next session.

Power to you and stay cheerful.

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