Doing the right thing, legacy, and foul tips.

I think the best way to win is to know where in the hell you’re going. And the reason that I’ve been pushing self-awareness is that not everyone here is destined to build a $500 million thing. I also think it’s crazy that people don’t realize how amazing it is to build a $1 million thing. If you can build a $1 million a year revenue business and run on 30%, you’ll live a crazy life! And so we have this whole world trying to achieve for something that’s virtually impossible and they’re putting themselves in a position that by trying to build something impossible, when they are just going to end up working for a bank.
-Gary Vaynerchuk, DailyVee 161.

In the time that’s passed between entries the world of Marcolino has continued down its path of lessons and internal resistance. Looking back and aspiring forward there have been some feelings that have stuck with me, done some laps of the old conscious, and are needing to be spit back out into the universe. Within the first few weeks there was a strong sense of frustration and disappointment with the start of 2017, specifically in the fact that it seemed to be lining up to be very similar, if not identical to the previous year. However with a little time and some opportunities, I get the hint. It’s in doing the right thing.

There’s been a mix of these opportunities: what sometimes simply felt like a straight karma-like test of something I’d sworn to do, a value I claimed to stand by, or the admittance of a lesson learned. Guess what? Time came to step up when I swore I’d do something, that value was put in my face and my back to the wall seeing whether I’d squirm and fold or step up, and a pop quiz to see if I learned that lesson. We haven’t even touched on the professional, and I think we severely underestimate how simply the “right thing” is because a majority of the time its masked beneath frustration and even worse: CONSISTENCY. Don’t push off emails. Take that laptop home if you know it’ll make you more efficient. Make it a phone call instead of an email. Running an errand on your day off to make sure somethings taken care of properly. Stopping in on the way home just to print something out in preparation. Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

Within the past few weeks there have been passings of people who didn’t deserve it and way before they were meant to go. Additionally, there had been a revelation and a closing of months worth of speculation regarding another passing from the previous summer. It all ties back in together: For as responsibly your 401k is setup, for as coordinated your property values are and the potential to tear them down just to rebuilt a multi-unit family with parking spots, for where your money is marked and earning to simply be cashed in at a later date: it’s the legacy that makes me curious. Claim clickbait all you’d like, but unfortunately one day we’ll all be there and for as much as I’d like to think that those I’m leaving behind are financially and personally secure, I’d sure like to consider the value of what’s said as they give their salutes.

In the end, who knows. You can read all the memes you want about Carpe Diem, live today as if its your last, Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothin to fcuk with and all that good stuff. Did you do something good today as a human? I gave my seat up on a train and spent a few minutes explaining to a woman why you wouldn’t want to use spaghetti with a ragu. For me, for today, I’ve done my part and put it out there. Some will be better than others, but if the vision is clear and the attitude is right, everyone around you’ll know it. Keep the course.

The feeling of a foul tip after a swing can either be defeating or motivating, depending on who’s on the mound and who’s in the batters box. Some of those pitches you can almost feel the grip in the pitchers glove as they get into their stance and wind up, and sometimes not even until it’s 10 ft in front of you do you have any idea what it’s going to do. Time after time, out after out, pitch after pitch, YOU SWING. Sometimes it’s a good swing and bad timing, sometimes it’s a terrible swing but the bat was where it needed to be. My foul tips? pretty simple: some were misreads on the spin, some I never expected to make contact, and a balk.

But just like I gave up a seat, helped a customer, sacrificed personal pride for the sake of a laugh, made a project out of a get together, sent that extra email or went that extra mile: every swing was a right one. Hopefully, throughout this baseball game we call life, some runs will cross the plate.

Batter up.

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