Tractionless Momentum.

A phenomenon that’s been occupying my mind simply because of my immediate experience with it is what I like to title “tractionless momentum”. I’m pretty sure this can be considered quite simply an elegant way to describe a burnout, but my sentiments towards it are more personal than physical (don’t get me wrong however; there’s no better combination than PB&J, a beer at the beach, and a burnout to finish a tire off).

It’s quite simply the noise you create both in your mind and in activity to give an internal belief and external impression that your plate is full, your work ethic is at 115%, and your focus is laser sharp. But in reality, very similar to the smoke that a magician creates or the slight of hand used in a card trick, the manner in which you present yourself and your “array of activities” can provide the perfect smoke screen in giving the impression you’re at an unstoppable speed when in fact, you’re simply spinning tires. 
 I frequently mask this habit as “projects” or “ideas”, but in the end at times I feel like I’m doing exactly this: dressing a dog in different hair and considering it a different breed. I can’t take the fur of a St. Bernard, put it on a pit, and call it Beethoven. Equally, it is just the same as take a consistent, long term activity and mentioning different approaches to it. 2+2 = 4, but it’s much more impressive to present it as 2,400–3,200 + 1000 / 100 = 2. Without delving into too much detail or specifics, this is how I’ve felt for a bit of time, but the biggest challenge was that I never let the smoke clear to see if the tire moved. I just kept my foot on the throttle, let it get louder, get smokier, get more chaotic. But when the smoke cleared, and what I’m owning now? That tire never fucking moved. 
 So what are the choices? Go back to the drawing board. What’s keeping the tire from moving at all? A little smoke is good for the crowd, but we’re not here to sit around — there’s a finish line to cross. So I’ve got a project — and by that, it means something I’m starting with a specific end date and a specific goal in mind. The project? Me. The date? June 24th. The Goal? You’ll see. And we’ll only go from here.

Thankfully there’s been a phrase that’s been ringing in my mind once I began to define this “tractionless momentum”, and that phrase is “level up”. This encapsulates my frame of mind, for however long the outset may be. What’s it mean? Just like everything else in life — I won’t tell you, I’ll just show you.

No more smoke kids — and if you thought I’ve been busy up until now, no worries. Grab a seat. I’ve got something to show you.