Solitariety and I are lovers, but it’s not until I am in a room full of people that I love,waiting to be alone, do I realize that we’ve,infact, become each other. Often, in such a situation my mind wanders towards how many times I’ve just wanted to be understood and how over-rated and exhaustingly short sighted human understanding really is. The constant deluded need to find another person who understands you to the last cell of your body is a farce, you’re the untamed,magnificent ocean and a single person can’t swallow you and live to tell the tale.
No, I am not a cynic because I know that some of us are blessed to have found this magic in family, in friends and lovers, others are gifted with the zeal to be able to go searching for love, not deterred by heartbreaks and grunts of unacceptance. In this colossal masterpiece that we create, my conscience nudges me and takes the liberty to remind me that if I have the luxury to run into my own arms at the end of a day which has not been very kind, I have everything in the world that I truly need.

You and I are our own oases in the desert and we, my wonderful companion, are enough.

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