Esport Betting Coin ($ESBC) — Why do I like it?

ESBC is a masternode and proof of stake project which lets you scratch that gambling itch by establishing a fast, community-friendly and anonymous betting platform based on $ESBC.

The main project goals are:

  • enabling users to make anonymous bets on their favourite e-sports or sports team or individuals,
  • automation of the process of obtaining winnings,
  • making betting CHEAPER with lower commissions by avoiding traditional financial systems,
  • giving the community the possibility of sharing the profits from the ESBC betting platform for owners of the masternodes of the Platinum tier.
  • HOSTING GAMING TOURNAMENTS is another way this project will become involved in the e-sports community.
  • A BETTING EXCHANGE is also planned in the near future where $ESBC will also have a use.
  • A MASTERNODE TRACKING WEBSITE will be launched by the which will be focus on project-friendliness and where $ESBC will also be used.

If you wish to know more, feel free to consult the project whitepaper in English or Russian or visit the project website.

The main reasons I like this project and have also decided to invest heavily into it are:

A working product:

The ESBC project has a working product very early in its development stage. You can already place bets with $ESBC on the ESBC betting platform.

This is a rarity in crypto space as developers usually take quite a bit of time to deliver a product, or not deliver it AT ALL, which is, regretfully, a staple of masternode coins.

The team:

  • They are always present on their Discord and have a strong support staff which handle problems of community members with masternodes, wallets and the ESBC betting platform.
  • The team is very open with the community, regularly posting updates on on the project’s Youtube channel, Discord and BTCTalk threads (English thread, Russian thread). The project founder has also completed the Know Your Developer verification.
  • They meet their deadlines in project development or even beat them.

A large and friendly community:

The ESBC community Discord has 4000 members and counting and the project team has set up channels where you can get assistance, should you need it. There are separate channels where you can get assistance with masternodes, blockchain issues with wallets or transactions and the ESBC betting platform.

Community features:

  • bounties: the team is offering bounties for Youtube videos about the project,
  • airdrops and quizzes: community members can earn FREE $ESBC by participating in quizzes and airdrops,
  • platform referral system: you can earn $ESBC by sharing your referral link for friends to sign up to the ESBC betting platform. You will earn a percentage from the profits the platform makes from your friends’ bets. This is currently 2 percent but it may change in the future.
  • Youtube channels, streamers, website owners and communities can negotiate individual referral conditions.

$ESBC coin usage:

The coin has actual use cases :

  • betting on the ESBC betting platform,
  • on the betting exchange (in the future),
  • on the masternode tracking website (in the future),
  • masternodes.

Profits from masternodes and staking

$ESBC has 4 masternode tiers, each requiring a different amount of coins: Bronze (5000), Silver (25000), Gold (50000) and Platinum (250000). The Bronze tier masternodes are currently extremely cheap while offering excellent returns. The Silver and Gold tiers are for people with larger amounts of coins who wish to reduce the amount of servers they use for hosting masternodes. The Platinum masternode tier is reserved only for people who wish to receive a share of the platform’s profit.

Check out the masternode stats here. The project has partnered with numerous masternode websites which will help you set up a masternode with almost no technical knowledge. You can find channels for all masternode partners in the project Discord.

If you want to purchase a masternode you can buy the coins on the Graviex and Stex exchanges.

You will also need to acquire a wallet from the official project website. Choose an appropriate wallet for your operating system: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04.

If you don’t have enough funds for a masternode you can stake a smaller amount of coins in your wallet. Just keep in mind that the project employs a fair staking procedure: your wallet has to be online for the coins to stake.

Have a look at the ESBC project wallet:

If you decide to become a masternode owner or staker, or simply want to join the community, head on over to their Discord.

Project roadmap:

  • January: Full redesign of the ESBC project website
  • February: ESBC betting platform update (structure and design), bet event control automation, new betting disciplines
  • March — April: betting exchange launch, masternode tracking website launch, anonymous betting (no registration will be needed) on the ESBC betting platform and addition of coins from other betting projects and partners to the ESBC betting platform
  • May: Paid listings of other projects on the ESBC betting platform
  • After global trend reversal: Listing on a major exchange