All Systems Go

Mitoshi CryptoLotto

Dear Mitoshi Community,

It was not an easy task, but we will endure. And I am very elated to announce to you that all the hard work and the challenges we have survived over the last couple of months will now come to fruition sooner that expected.

I am delighted to announce that our repackaged ICO will commence on June 15. And our IEO with a partnership with Exmarkets with be on June 23. It’s going to be an exciting time for Mitoshi CryptoLotto to once more enter the blockchain space with a renewed faith and energy that we have done our recalibrations right.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto Intial Exchange Offering

Our Partnership with Exmarkets

For our IEO, Mitoshi is glad to partner with Exmarkets, recently ranked by ICOBench as ‘the most popular ICO Launchpad’ as of its May 2019 Digest. Exmarkets offers a good value IEO platform — and we do enjoy the marketing support attached to listing with them. In the short days that we negotiated with the Exmarket team, we enjoyed their energy and look forward to working with them.

As such, we look forward to your usual support for our project. These are inspiring times ahead. Thank you for being a part of Mitoshi’s wonderful journey.

It’s all systems go for Mitoshi,

TC Picardo

Founder & CEO