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Mitoshi Crypto Lotto
Jul 11 · 2 min read
Mitoshi CryptoLotto

The continued rise of bitcoin comes with the growing consensus that the world is ready to embrace cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Facebook’s Libra Coin — and the exposure that cryptos got, we are now looking at a world that is more accepting of cryptocurrencies and its integration into the mainstream. As for the future, we look forward to the emergence of an exciting token economy — where digital currencies and tokens exist side by side with traditional financial services, legacy banks and fiat currencies.

With this development, we are delighted to learn that among those crypto tokens that would serve as a digital transformation catalyst — gaming / online gaming is one of those channels that its bound to be disrupted — alongside payments, apps, crypto investing, e-commerce and chat communications.

We have envisioned Mitoshi exactly for that purpose — as your next generation cryptolottery that is powered by smart contracts. With smart contracts on a blockchain platform — you get to play your favorite lottery games in a fair, transparent and secure environment — without compromise.

Mitoshi Cryptolotto will have 6 Draws and 1 Major Draw that would appeal to the most promising lotto markets and players all over the world. If you want to know what makes our lottery stand out from traditional lotteries, you can click here.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto IEO

We are currently running our IEO on Exmarkets and look forward to your continued patronage to this exciting project. We are now entering Round 3 of our IEO and invite each and everyone of you in this opportunity to disrupt the lottery industry, and be among the early adoptors.

We look forward to seeing you at Exmarkets,