Announcing MITRE Caldera™ for OT!

MITRE Caldera
2 min readSep 5, 2023

Authors: Blaine Jeffries & Misha Belisle

Without further ado, the MITRE Caldera team is proud to announce the release of Caldera™ for OT; a collection of Caldera plugins that provide support for common industrial protocols. Following MITRE’s commitment to provide for the public good, like Caldera, the OT plugins are completely free to use and open source. The plugins are available to download now from our GitHub repository.

Our new Caldera plugins now enable practitioners to emulate adversary behavior across both enterprise (IT) and industrial (OT) networks. In fact, Caldera for OT introduces 29 distinct OT abilities to the hundreds of existing enterprise-focused abilities already included with Caldera. We extend our thanks and recognize the developers of the libraries Caldera for OT is dependent on. The initial release includes support for BACnet, Modbus, and DNP3 protocols, which would not be possible if not for the following projects:

Our team has prioritized accessibility and documentation with the release of Caldera for OT. General information regarding plugin installation can be found within the plugin repository readme. A thorough description of each plugin is accessible in-app with the Caldera fieldmanual plugin. Alternatively, the same documentation can be accessed directly via <plugin>/docs/<plugin>.md.

If you are brand new to Caldera or just need a quick refresher, check out the core documentation. There you will find everything you need to get Caldera up and running on your own infrastructure. The Caldera server is intentionally lightweight and portable so that it can be deployed on a standard laptop.

We are so excited to bring to bear this capability for critical infrastructure stakeholders and are eager to hear your feedback. If you have technical comments, please utilize GitHub to report issues and/or contribute! For all other communications please reach out to us at


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