Which theme do you like? (Light mode, Dark mode, Atom dark mode)

Which one of the following theme you would like to use in Thermal?

Yashu Mittal
Thermal app in different theme (light, atom dark, dark)

Please share your feedback about the theme you liked the most and what would you like to improve in the above design?

Here’s a full design preview of Thermal application.

What is this application about?

Thermal is a free and cross-platform desktop application allows you to manage your Git repositories at one place by providing a simple to use graphic interface with built-in features like commits, history, repository settings and more.

The source code of the application is available on GitHub, I would like to invite you to contribute, from writing code, logging bugs, submitting pull requests, reporting issues, creating suggestions, and more.

Please don’t forget to give an 🌟 on the GitHub repository.



Yashu Mittal

Written by

Founder & CEO @codecarrotnet, developer, designer, music listener, and dog lover

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