The Lonely and Miserable People

I wonder how lonely and miserable we’ve become as a people… merely trying to escape our wretched lives by clinging on to dreams and delusions — the dream of a better tomorrow and the delusion of a comfortable present.

Everything around us is devised to further that misconception.

But when we come out of this misleading trance, we see life for what it really is — messy, ruthless, draining and infinitely lonely.

We are all very lonely and getting lonelier by the day.

We have contacts, no friends. We have neighbors, no families. We have apartments, no homes. We have chats, no conversations. We have ‘followers’, no support. We are ‘liked’ by all, but loved by none. We are learning new languages, but have forgotten to communicate.

When did we become so miserable and lonely as a race?

Why can’t we speak without being misjudged? Why can’t we cry without being scoffed at? Why can’t we love without being conscious? Why can’t we live without having to conform? Why do we need to adhere to pointless standards of public acceptance? Why do we fear these external forces? Why do we crave for public validation? Aren’t we the best judge of our lives?

And despite all our efforts to belong, we are so miserably lonely.

Until we’re born, we are alone in a warm and nourishing space. As soon as we’re born, we are restless, demanding and cranky. We need an army of people to tend to us. We crave attention. We seek things, we seek people.

And this goes on for the rest of our lives. Then, we die lonely deaths. We go back to our cold, silent graves.

But between the two extremities of life and death, we make futile attempts at not being lonely. We shield ourselves with external noise. We drape ourselves in delusions. We surround ourselves with falsehoods. Until they come off making us even more lonely and miserable.

Why do we always need something else to keep us going? Why do we seek refuge in these temporary ‘something-elses’?

If we could make peace with our preordained loneliness, we’d be far less miserable. Because when we seek less, we hurt less.