Ayurvedic Piles Treatment To Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain

Hemorrhoids are actually masses, clumps and cushions of tissues in the anal canal which are present in every person but the only time they give trouble is when swelling occurs in piles. Change in lifestyle over time has been the major reason behind this trouble. Mild inflammation causes formation of lumps inside anal canal and in chronic cases lumps even hang outside anus which are extremely painful. This problem can occur at any stage of life. Often, people decline the urge to empty bowels which later on makes them to put pressure to expel waste and this initiates inflammation. Overweight people experience this problem more as their weight increases pressure on veins.

Hemorrhoid inflammation happens mostly due to the following reasons:

1. Constipation and diarrhea — During constipation, hard stools are formed which are big in size. When one puts pressure to expel waste, blood vessels swell and get ruptured resulting in pain and bleeding. More than one trip to toilet due to diarrhea also causes trouble in anus. 
2. Sitting in toilet for long time — Nowadays many people have habit of using mobile in toilet which distracts one from emptying bowel movements and keeps them strained over toilet seat for long time. This raise inflammation in piles.
3. Lack of nutrition in diet — Eating junk food and drinking less water make stools dry which damage anus walls during bowel movements.
4. Standing and sitting for too long — Standing for prolonged time pushes blood down in the lower part of the body resulting in inflammation in veins. Similarly, while one spends long time sitting continuously at one place, pressure on hips increases resulting in swelling.

To get complete relief from inflamed piles and reduce hemorrhoid pain and discomfort, one can use Pilesgon capsules which provide powerful ayurvedic piles treatment. Effective action of these herbal supplements improves blood circulation in anal canal. Anti-inflammatory action reduces swelling in veins. Herbal formula of these capsules prevents constipation to ease bowel movements. Colon functions also improve which allow easy excretion of waste material. One does not have to put pressure and thus there is no inflammation in anus. Quick repairing action of these capsules also heal wear and tear, wounds, cuts, fissures and ruptures in anus walls at faster rate. Digestion and metabolism also improves which help intestines to form bulky stools which are easy to pass. These capsules treat both internal as well as external piles and thus one does not need any surgeries for getting rid from hanging lumps.

Following herbs are used in this ayurvedic piles treatment:

1. Hemsagar — It reduces pain and burning sensation during bowel movements.
2. Shudh takan — Anti-inflammatory nature of this herb reduces inflammation in blood vessels in anus.
3. Haritaki — Laxative nature of this ingredient improves colon functions and eases elimination of waste without putting strain or pressure.
4. Khun Sosha — It stops bleeding and heals wounds due to astringent properties.
5. Rasaunt — This herb is beneficial for treating intestinal inflammation and colon ulcers.
6. Kathha — This ingredient of ayurvedic piles treatment stops bleeding due to ruptured piles.
7. Indraju — Due to its anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-bacterial properties, it treats infection in anus due to bleeding.
8. Ayapana — It possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties which keep anal canal free of germs and bacteria attack.
9. Kalijiri — This herb gives relief from itching and skin irritation and soothes inflamed veins in anus walls.
10. Reetha — Due to its cleansing action, this herb keeps anus clean mildly.

It is recommended to use this ayurvedic piles treatment for 3 to 4 months at least to get long term relief from inflamed hemorrhoids symptoms. Eat fiber rich foods and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation naturally.

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