Kate Spade Is Using The Power Of Mariachi In Their Latest Ad

People are loving this Kate Spade ad featuring mariachi.

The Kate Spade campaign featuring model Fernanda Ly has released their second ad. This time, Ly boards a train in New York City when suddenly the subway car gets filled with music. Now, it isn’t your typical guitar or singer making the music on the train, but Flor de Toloache, NYC’s only all-female mariachi band. With their gorgeous mariachi outfits, bold red lips and powerful canto, they bring this ad to life.

Kate Spade’s latest ad is showing off the Mexican sound of New York City.

CREDIT: kate spade new york / YouTube

The all-woman mariachi band Flor de Toloache represented some of the city’s diversity by playing on a subway train.

How beautiful is this?

People who have seen the ad are loving the mariachi band.

CREDIT: kate spade new york / Facebook

Flor de Toloache is a multi-cultural all-woman mariachi band that was created with the purpose of creating an all-woman mariachi band.

Friends are tagging friends to share the love and excitement about this all-woman band.

Some of their fans have even taken notice of the commercial.

There are no upcoming events on their website as of yet.

People are happy to see their culture represented.

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Some people are hoping that Kate Spade will take notice and bring more Latina representation to their brand.

CREDIT: @katespadeny / Instagram

Seriously. So many Mexicanas are showing their love for Kate Spade’s choice of music for this ad.

CREDIT: @katespadeny / Instagram


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