Lies You Tell Your Parents When You Are Still Deep In The Closet

Sometimes it is just easier to lie to your mom and dad about things… Like your sexuality. Sure, you’re their child and they say they will always love you but sometimes they (or you) are just not ready. Here are just a few I may have told my parents… 🙊

Some lies can be a subtle as just changing a lock screen.


That way if someone texts you, papi sees his favorite sports team instead of a half naked man who gives life.

Shade came second-nature :)

You know the kind. It usually destroys a nagging tío’s will to live because you are done with his “y el novio / novia” shit.

I easily fooled my parents by telling them my bestie was my s/o.

Angie Tribeca / GIPHY
CREDIT: Angie Tribeca / GIPHY

They just want to know that there is hope, even if it is all a lie they can detect a mile away.

When I went home and tía asked where my date was, I asked about her husband.

insta-ghetto / Tumblr
CREDIT: insta-ghetto / Tumblr

Remember, the goal here is to completely shut them up.

It was easier to fool people when I was in college. I gave them the whole “I want to focus on school” speech.

JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube
CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

And don’t forget to add the dramatic side eye to make them feel guilty for even asking.

And that speech was easy to tweak after graduation.

JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube
CREDIT: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

“I’m busy building an empire, duh.”

“How can you think I’m gay, mom? I love Gloria Trevi because she’s, like, so hot.”

When they kept pestering, I turned to the power of silence.


Legit, nothing will get a rise out of them more than you just smiling back every time they ask if you are gay.

Trust. One day none of these struggles will matter. You’re fab just the way you are.

Plus, mom and dad probably already know so coming out when you are ready will be easier than you think. Until then, have some fun with it.


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