Our Favorite Quotes from the 2019 MITX DesignTech Summit

This past Wednesday, we gathered at the Innovation & Design Building in Boston Seaport with over 200 design professionals to share insights and best practices around the business of design.

With so many creative minds in one room, there was a generous amount of knowledge to be shared and, while it certainly wasn’t easy to narrow down, we’ve selected some of our favorite quotes from the day…

Learn as much as you can and don’t believe anybody.
Don’t listen to anyone who seems important because they don’t know what they’re talking about.
— John Maeda, Global Head of Design, Automattic
Empathy starts with your team before extending it to your customers.
— Josh Teague, Head of Design, FullStory
We need to educate on the ugly, behind-the-scenes, start and stop truth that leads to the final beautiful product.
— Jen Briselli, VP of Experience Strategy & Service, Mad*Pow
The people you work with make or break your experience at that job.
— Adrienne Gajowknik, Product Design Director, Pendo
The more you can empower yourselves with knowing (and using) the metrics that matter in your company, the more influence your team will have.
If you want to influence people, you have to understand what they care about.
— Susan Rice, Head of Product Design, Toast
Often we have to educate executives with the insights we uncover. We have to combine numbers with narratives that matter.
— Kate Lawrence, UX Research Leader, Akamai Technologies
By designing for the majority, we’re actually not innovating and we’re actually reducing diversity.
By co-designing with those on the edges, your design will be better suited to respond to changes in your target customer base and will get much more coverage much more quickly.
— Jutta Treviranus, Director and Professor, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University
Measuring impact is, for us, a team game. We are nothing without our tech partners.
— Coryndon Luxmoore, Senior Director, User Experience, Audible
Embrace diversity, not just in gender and race, but diversity in learning styles, cognitive thinking, behavior, and life experience. This is what leads to innovation.
— Janaki Kumar, Head of Design Center of Excellence, Commercial Bank, JPMorgan Chase

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