How Involved Should an Author Be in Book Marketing?
Anna Sabino


I’ve been writing for publication for…well, longer than you’ve been on this earth. I’ve had some minor success, very minor. And now I’m trying self-publishing. I write across different genres…something, when I was still pitching to agents and editors, that was a no-no. My Nano book last year was a Romance with two people of a certain age…another no-no. I really don’t care.

I wanted to tell you that you are right on all points. Your book is going nowhere unless you take an active interest in marketing it. Platform, website, etc are only part of it. Writers starting to look for a publisher (usually writers who’ve not attended writing conferences like RWA National — I highly recommend for writers of any genre) think they write the book, sell it to a publishing house and the rest is history. ER…no.

I hope more first-time writers or writers looking for that first sale (to a publisher) read your post and start working on the “boring” part of this adventure.

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