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What the T-shirt Says…

“My books” TBR Pile…all types of genres.

I’ve written earlier about my addiction — books and reading.

I developed the addiction when I was a chubby child who didn’t want to be ashamed by attempting to run and play outside with other kids, kids who made fun of my chubbiness and lack of play-abilities. After more than thirty years in nursing, I went to a rheumatologist for my continuing back pain. She looked at my MRI and asked me, sitting there in my middle-aged chubbiness, if I’d been an athlete in my youth. I laughed. “No, I was the fat kid in the corner reading. I’ve just been a nurse, walking, moving patients around…the usual.”

And now I’m a chubby retired nurse…still reading.

Today my addiction is coming to the forefront of my life and there is a decision to be made.

Today (on September 11 — was that picked for a reason?) I have my Kindle download of Woodward’s book, Fear. I also have a pile of books from the library.

So, here’s where it gets tricky for me.

I get a “pile of books from the library” like this:

1. Get frequent emails and updates from sites that list books in the genres I love

2. Get suggestions from friends who are trying to keep me out of trouble

3. Keep the “search” site of my local library’s website open on my computer.

4. Put in the recommended book in the search option and then hit…uh…”search.”

5. When the book comes up, read a brief synopsis (our library’s site has this for many books), and decide to hit the “request” button (like “heck, yeah!”)

I hit the request button even if there are 8–10 requests ahead of me.

I get updates from the library when requested books are ready for me. Then I go to the library and give them the books I’ve read in exchange for the ones I want to read.

Easy — peesy. Right?

The problems comes when I also have books I’ve bought (yeah, Social Security money going to Bezos) that I want to read — either actual book or Kindle.

Now here is the problem (I know: First World Problem). Some of the library books can be renewed but the ones marked “New” have to be returned at the end of the reading period. I get a computer generated print-out of due dates from the library, but it’s on flimsy paper and I have a hard time keeping track of it.

The answer to the problem? I go back to the library’s website and print out the “Items Out” list and then I mark each book #1 through whatever, in the order I’m going to read them.

Ah, but today, today…I just got Fear in my Kindle. Curse you, Bezos! And I have to decide whether to start reading book #2 on my list or go right to Woodward’s.

I don’t want to be behind in the Fake News category. So I may open my Kindle.

Or I may open Stuart Turton’s The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle — the #2 book on my library list.

So when I say I’m addicted to books and to reading, believe me.

Like a drug addict I go to great lengths for my addiction. And I need/want no interventions.

Just sit me in a comfy chair, cat on lap, a good light, and leave me alone.

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