Schedule the heck out of your days. Schedule everything in advance.
You Have More Than Enough Time, You’re Just Not Spending it Right
Thomas Oppong

To me that sounds like the biggest waste of my time. Schedules constrict me…and some people, like the people you’re talking about ( busy, busy, busy…not enough time in a day). Some of these people may feel like they’ve failed at the end of the day if they don’t finish everything on their list. Some distractions are an emergency, such as when you put family first. Success is defined differently by each individual. To me, it’s not about moving up the ladder at a job. Success to me is that just feel good at the end of the day. I don’t prioritize my cell phone or any other distractions that are just an excuse to be rationalized as to why you’re not doing what “you are supposed to be doing”. When I find myself “multitasking”, at some point it hits me because I end up not doing any of the tasks well. In fact they all screw up. I’ve learned to say, “ Stop, breathe put every thing down, and start doing the one thing you started doing first,get that done with concentration (not worrying about the rest), then follow that with the next important thing you were trying to do. You’d be surprised at how much was really as important as you were making it. In fact, they were so not important, you forgot you what they were. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Live right now, not five minutes later. The right things will always get done, and you’ll feel much better at the end of the day. One thing I have learned to do is to make the sound of a ringing phone just background noise. I ask myself, if there is anyone I need or want to talk right now, especially if I’m doing something that I’m either enjoying or concentrating on. If people were honest with themselves they are making up distractions to keep them from doing something they aren’t enjoying….

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