The Blockchain. The Audit, That Audits, Audits.

What little I know of the Heisenberg Principle or subatomic particles in general is that the act of observing effects what’s observed.

Whereas Liv Ullman’s character Sonia Hoffman puts it, in the movie Mindwalk:

…an electron doesn’t move from place to place and it doesn’t stay in one place either.

So what we do have are probability patterns, like a rose is a rose is a rose or the audit that audits audits.

Theoretically the Blockchain can pretty much power everything as long as the record of that which it powers is also being powered for observation and veracity…😂 by those in power, clearly. Is that the user the customer the boss the employee does it matter at light speed?

So I guess what I’m really trying to get at here is you should watch the movie Mindwalk, it’s on YouTube it’s been there for years and no one cares Emoji grammatical syntax have a good one this tiny article is now finished, 😽

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