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For his final project, UChicago undergraduate student Jonah Norwitt immersed himself into EVE Online, an open world virtual universe game, observing the way its economy works. View his project here.

This summer, Virtual Ethnographic Research Methods was the only class offered at UChicago that prepares undergraduates to carry out qualitative research during a pandemic. Taught by Mansueto Institute Fellow and Sociology Postdoctoral Scholar Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela, a cultural anthropologist and photographer, the course is composed of undergraduate and graduate students from a multidisciplinary background and began as part of the Summer Institute for Social Research Methods and the Chicago Ethnography Incubator. The course will continue to be offered in subsequent summers to prepare students to undertake field-based senior thesis or dissertation research in and beyond urban spaces.

The class, which Dr. Fogarty-Valenzuela taught in 2019 as an in-person qualitative research practicum, emerged in its virtual form due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is very much aligned with his prior research interests in youth, digital media, and ethnographic methods. …


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