What is the purpose of making art?

You must have come across several oil paintings for sale while exploring the galleries of states like Virginia. There are also some watercolor paint galleries in Virginia that comprise of attractive paintings. So, why do they do that? What’s the purpose behind the art? These questions are often asked by individuals who show interest in the paintings. And, we have discussed various factors to help you get the answer.

Well, the very first reason is that it allows the artists to express themselves. If you ask the artists about what excites them most about the art, the majority of artists will give you this answer. An artist shows the world his/her unique personality, tastes, and sensitivities through art. In simple words, it is all about telling the world how you feel.

You must have heard writers saying that they spill out what’s in their mind with words. Well, the same goes for the painters. They take the support of pigments, canvas, and their brush for this purpose. These tools give them the power of expressing their emotions. As you know, emotions are invisible. No one can exactly tell what’s in the mind of an individual if someone refuses to tell through words. Well, an individual is able to identify the state of the mind of an individual by looking at the artworks he or she has created. You will hardly find a better and more beautiful way to express yourself.

For some creative minds, art is a medium to bring a change in the society. The individuals are divided on whether art can bring a revolution in the society. Various artists have already attempted to change the society for good through art movements.

Art has also remained a way to help masses know what’s going on in the society. The aim of such artists is not necessarily bringing a revolution of any sorts. The idea is just to make the individuals aware of the reality. These types of paintings usually depict:

• the status of females in the society

• Social inequality

• Impact of modernism

• And other aspects that people should be aware of

Well, for some individuals, art is nothing more than a decorative item. Considering art as an ornament is not wrong. What’s wrong is that people to replace the artwork after every few years. Either they feel that it does not match with the interiors or they simply get bored of it. But, in reality, art is irreplaceable.

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