Help Me Capture The Attention of Social Media Readers

Help Me Capture the Attention of Social media Readers

Capturing Attention in Social Media

As an author of five self-published books, it has been a journey to reach out to readers on various social media sites. Many of my readers come from all walks of life and are in age groups that range from 18 years of age to 60 years old and above. It is important to cater to readers of my books, in hopes that each title and content is serving its intended purpose.

I am positive that an avid reader desires content that can keep their attention. And I have found in eight years as an indie writer of self-help books, that the shorter the content, the larger the audience of self-help readers grows.

The best social media platform for an author to cater to short attention spans would be Instagram. On Instagram you can post an eye-catching cover of the book and insert a link for the reader to easily access if they desire to purchase a copy.

Challenges in Gaining the Viewers Attention

It is not easy to pull people away from their personal social media activity. Especially in an age where attention spans are not as long as our elders remember them to be.

Attention span is an important factor when engaging your content with social media users. Psychologists feel attention span, or lack thereof aids in achieving or failing at goals. The attention span that a person has may impact how they interact socially. If a person cannot focus for very long, they may not engage in talking or even reading for a long time.

With self-help and relationships as my topic, I find that my readers from social media will quickly review the parts of the books that they were able to personally relate to. The reviews often come back to me that they appreciate that I do not preach for too long, and I get right to the point. With this strategy I provide excerpts alongside images that get directly to the point.

Images that catch the eye immediately is another strategy to use in social media these days. Take a look at this image:

(Image credit:

It is catchy and colorful and instantly demands viewers’ attention. From memes to paparazzi viral photos, viewers will share the image that brings attention right away. It is important that an indie writer understands this and spends a great deal of time on the image that you choose for your book cover.

Gaining the attention of a viewer is also possible by using words that are powerful enough to demand attention for the ones who are reading them.

Researchers believe that a slow attention spans can be credited to increased use of social media. (Good Therapy)

As an author, it helps to be very involved with social media in hopes of being able to share your content with readers in a place where they are more likely to be spending time.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

To secure engagement in social media, keep your content fresh and be sure to share content frequently. Viewers will bore with repetitive topics and will lose interest if you are not posting often. This can be challenging with bloggers who have a busy schedule, yet it is imperative to secure your growing audience. (Ashley)

Three effective strategies in maintaining engagement in social media, include:

· Using Powerful words: make sure that the words you are using in your titles and near the images express the points that you want to highlight.

· Catchy Phrases: A catchy phrase that can turn into a trendy hashtag is a great way to keep your viewers/readers attention.

· A good Image: The right image like the one attached in this blog, will grab the attention of the viewer right away.


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