I Don’t Like Trump

I don’t like Trump. And not because he is, to some extent, a sociopath. I believe that sociopaths actually make great leaders in many situations including political office and especially when they are Constitutional conservatives. A little sociopathy goes a long way when it comes time to make the right decision even when the right decision means making someone, or some group, miserable.

Unfortunately, like many successful sociopaths, Trump has let his success go to his head transforming him into a conceited sociopath which is never an appealing combination of qualities. In my experience this pungent combination of character traits enables the God complex which, when acquired by someone in a position of political power, sucks for all of us who have real lives and are forced to live by a false profit’s egomaniacal commandments.

Think about how much of an egomaniacal sociopath someone like Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi must be. Here they are running around making rules for all of us little people to live by. Tedious, if not onerous rules that don’t apply to them as they live the Donald Trump, rich and famous lifestyle using your hard earned money instead of their own.

While Hillary Clinton enjoys jet setting around the globe in military aircraft on your dime Trump does the very same thing on his private jets and helicopters using money he made from his own grift that didn’t involve me. Is there a distinction? I think so.

When you see rich and famous people hanging out with Trump it is most likely that they are feeding a desire to conduct legitimate business with Trump whereby they can profit from the transaction. When you see Tim Cook throwing a fundraising party for Clinton you can be sure he is placing his bet hoping he can win favor with the queen who will in some convoluted way grant him access to your bank account. Yes. There is a distinction. A big one.

Regardless of who wins the election Trump will continue to to trade on his sometimes questionable name while Hillary will continue to bilk countries and corporations into growing her retirement plan also known as The Clinton Foundation. The goal of her sociopathy has nothing to do with bettering anything or anyone other than herself. At least Trump’s dysfunction has source code I can in some cases relate to or understand. Will he do some things that usurp the Constitution undermining the long term health of the body of the country? He most certainly will because he egotistically believes he is smart enough to outsmart human nature. But, you can be sure that Hillary will do the same with much greater gusto all in an effort to improve her personal lot in life. If I have to suffer one of the two I choose the former.

And so, I am done reading any more main stream media articles on how Trump is the bad, bad man who wants to personally euthanize all of America’s puppies with a ball peen hammer (everyone already knows that’s PETA’s job). And, even if I could find mainstream media articles on Hillary’s underhanded dealings in Haiti, or Saudi Arabia, or, or, or, I wouldn’t read those almost never published articles either. I know who the candidates are and who I am choosing and I am done with all of the pundits trying to earn a parasitic living off of explaining the obvious to me.