Apple and iPhone what Happened?

I wanted to offer some of my experiences over the last few months and ask if others are having the same issues I am having with Apple services on iPhone.

First I am just a standard user (customer) like most people using expense technology to enhance our daily lives.

Please forgive my horrible writing as I do not post much online.

My the way I am 60 years old.

My family of 3, wife, daughter and me have been with Apple and iPhone since the first release and we all have upgraded to the newest releases at each launch. It has been a good experience for many years and we always though iPhone was better then most of the Android products and services. About 2–3 months ago all three of us started getting a crazy amount password log-in requests on just about everything APPLE related services.

Now we all have a ton of APPLE products, all three of us have APPLE MAC’s laptops, iPads, iMac’s and three APPLE Watches. So you can say we are heavy into APPLE products. On a normal day all three of us get somewhere between 10–20 login requests. Mostly on iPhone.

I love APPLE pay and have in the past used it while out shopping. But over the last 2 weeks I scan to pay and what happens, we need to login and you have to enter your 3 digit CVS code from the credit card on file. This kills the fast check out option where I just end up using the card on the swiper.

I have been to my local APPLE store 9 times with Apple Care and each time I am told from the experts this is for my Protection and there is nothing they can do. WHAT, I ask? My Protection. The funny part was my daughter wanted a pair of new headphones while we were waiting for Apple Care and I tried to pay with my Apple Account in the store and the same thing happened where I have to go to iCloud and Apple Pay to type in the 3 digit code. The Apple employee told me that he is seeing this all the time now and it is for the customers protection. Sure it is!

On the Mac at home everyday when I turn on my Apple Computer, I get iCLOUD HAS ISSUES and you need to go to iCloud to review you account. This is 4 plus times on a 3–4 hour use of the computer each evening. Then email, then iMessages, it is all day, all Apple devices for all three of us.

So I told my wife I have had it. I went to the ATT store and purchased a new Samsung 8+ added to my account with a new phone number and off I went. This was on Monday and today is Friday. It took me one full day to get the phone setup with the APPS I use most and learn the operation as it is a bit different than APPLE. I setup Samsung Pay, Google Pay with my same American Express credit card. I used it 3 times so far and it was Fantastic.

I have never once in a week had to retype passwords for anything I use. This is a blessing for someone who has to type it in 10-20 times a day. Also, I still have my iPhone 7+ but pushed it aside for the week. This new Samsung 8+ last me 2 1/2 days with out charging with my usage. The iPhone has to be topped off in the afternoon from the car or home to make it all day.

The other exciting news is I had no idea how good Android is and now much better the user experience is compared to Apple. WOW just WOW. There is just to many fantastic functions built right in to make it better and more user friendly right from the start. The APPS I use seem to run faster, smoother but look the same as on the iPhone. I have been so happy with this $900 purchase that I have ordered the Gear 3 watch from Amazon to connect to my Samsung 8+ and should get it tomorrow. Thank you Amazon!

Back to APPLE. When I was at the store I was told I could call support who might have more options than the staff in the store. I did this and talked to a guy named Dennis. He is very nice on the phone but what he told me was crazy advise. He told me that most of my issues on logging in so many times a day was because of my credit card company. He said I need to call American Express and tell them to stop having me sign in all the time and this is something out of his control and can only be handled from the credit card company. Not sure why American Express cares about me logging into my email, iCloud account. Now being old and stupid I called American Express and was passed to a supervisor who told me there is 100% nothing American Express is doing for this to happen. He stated that American Express does not have access to even do something like this on any device. So I removed American Express from my APPLE ACCOUNT and added Wells Fargo Card in its place. Guess what happened next. NOTHING, the same amount of crazy login request, password and 3 digit requests.

In closing, I guess a company with a 1/4 of a Trillion dollars in cash in the bank is scared it won’t get that .99 cent cash for the app you just purchased and needs you to type in the 3 digit code. APPLE Shame on you for treating customers this way and allowing this to happen. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars for my family with you and now we are done.

I will be replacing my wife and daughters iPhone 7+ with Samsung 8+ tomorrow and will be working to drop all Apple services as possible.

No more 20 Login a day for us!

If you have had the same type of experience as we have had please leave a comment as I would love to read them.

Just a few old devices in my desk up to the last one iPhone 8+

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