Let Me Be Me

Let me be what I want to be. Let me be free of gender stereotypes, of slavery to a wage, let me live a meaningful life. Let me put my head down at night and want to wake up the next day. Let me be compassionate. Let me be free of aggression. Let me feel loved. Let me be passion and energy. Let me mend myself. Let me forgive. Let me feel I have worth.

Magical mantra and echoing noises like mechanical whale song, the sound of a pipe clattering in a beautiful chapel, a glass ball shattering. Unstoppable rhythm like life itself, always going. In my darkest moments, I find no joy in it and want it to end. But you always come back, you always delight again, you always make my heart feel like it’s bursting if I just keep going, listening, running into the future.

James Stinson died a year after releasing this, chronic heart failure at age 32. A truck driver with seven children. When I listen to this song that detail’s in my head. It becomes part of the message, a voice from a ghost. A warning, an imparting of wisdom, a guide. Be yourself. Life is short. Try to be happy. Let me be what I want to be.

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