3 Things You Should Change in Your Lifestyle in Order to Heal Anxiety

Anxiety is an illness of the 21st century and nobody can deny it. Many people misuse this word for stress or worry about something which troubles them in everyday life. However, the most accurate description of the anxiety is the fear of the unknown. But fear is a relative term and does not mean a lot to people who suffer from anxiety. It is not fear that they feel but the feeling of uncertainty and apathy. As you all know, anxiety is closely related with depression and panic attacks and they all seem to interchange from time to time. In other words, one morning you may just feel a bit upset with no apparent reason and the other you would feel depressed and with no will to get out of bed. If you can identify with this text, I suggest you continue reading it since I also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks which are now minimal due to certain things that I had changed in my lifestyle. Before I begin, I want to emphasize how important it is to visit psychiatrist and have a professional advice and possible prescription of medication.

Timing your sleep and respecting the schedule.

After a thorough research and long consultations with my shrink, I have come to the conclusion that it is very important to sleep always at the same time. However, this does not mean that you can pick the time when you want to sleep but rather sleep exactly 7–8 hours during nighttime. This means that you should be sound asleep at 12 or even 11 in the night and wake up at 7. According to the research that I have conducted, during the nighttime, our brain secretes melatonin which is a substance that prepares our body for relaxation and rest. Have you ever woken up at 12 in the noon and felt a terrible headache which was not a cause of hangover? This happens because with the first sunrise, our body’s dosage of melatonin lowers and our brain prepares us for waking up. Every oversleeping is treated as not sleeping. Therefore, you actually rest only during the night.

The thing that you may wonder now is — how this thing heals my anxiety? Well, take into account two main factors for keeping your physical and mental health good — eating and sleeping. Strictly biologically speaking, these are the two things we need to survive and every disrespect of them will result in side-effects which damage our lifestyle and our health, thus affecting the nervous system as well.

In my experience, I started feeling fresh and rested after I started respecting my sleeping schedule. My anxiety level has lowered and I do not experience any more panic attacks at all.

Focus on work

Anxiety tends to attack when you least expect it. Have you ever noticed that when you are busy and have a lot on your mind about your job, anxiety is never present? That is because you are focused on an exterior rather than interior factor. Therefore, one of the keys to heal anxiety is to transfer the fear from yourself (irrational) to something that actually requires you to worry about it such as whether you will manage to finish all the work by Friday and so on(rational).

During my band tour days my anxiety was completely gone because I was doing something that I enjoy and all the worrying was focused on whether the performance will be good or no. As soon as my tour finished, I started experiencing mild anxiety attacks and depression again.

There is no good way to stress the importance of doing the job you love. Worrying about your dream job would not be a real worry since you do what you already love and any further failure would lead back to the fact that everything is okay and you are doing well since it is your dream job.

Change life philosophy

The picture above show Dionysus — an ancient Greek deity of grapes, wine and partying. According to Nietzsche, every person should make a perfect balance between Apollonian and Dionysian aspect. Apollo being a deity of sun and light was represented by Nietzsche as a reasonable side of a person, meaning that he influences our conscious and real understanding of life. However, every now and then every person should convert to the illogical — Dionysian aspect and give himself or herself a little break from the rational.

In my opinion, anxiety is a consequence of disbalance between the two. In other words — too much thinking leads to anxiety as well as too much hedonism. In my case, it was the latter. Therefore, if you are a hard-working person who does not allow himself a break, you should consider the other side. However, if you are a Dionysus — start worrying a bit about your work and your future, thus creating a perfect balance.

Instead of writing a typical conclusion, I will post a music video from the famous Green Day, but from his not-so-famous (and not so green) days. If you ever experienced any kind of anxiety or uneasiness, I am sure that you will be able to recognize yourself in the lyrics of the song.

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