Why People Dress Up for Halloween?

Halloween is near and we are all looking forward to being someone else for that night. There will be many witches, wizards, Freddies, Jasons, hot nurses, drunk police officers, etc. But what is actually the thing that makes us enjoy this idea of dressing up in masks? I mean, there are people who avoid it, or even hate it, but right now I am just going to focus on those who like it. As a matter of fact, I have several theories which come from my personal experience of being masked not only for Halloween but for other occasions as well.

Stripping down social barriers

The first thing that I noticed is the way people approach other people while they wear masks. Masks make us be somebody else — some character from a game we play which allows us to talk to everybody, but it is not us. At least our subconscious tells us so.

Imagine the following situation — you are dressed as Superman and you see a hot chick dressed as a catwoman. Under what circumstances would you be able to approach her? Well if you are not you and she is not her.

I like making a comparison between wearing a mask and leading a character in a game such as GTA. In GTA, you drive your car over pedestrians and break every possible law of society consciously — but it’s just a game and it is not real! Yet you still decided to do it. Why? Well, you put on a mask of Tommy Vercetti, CJ or Niko Belić and you do sh*t.

Different perspective of self

Once we start pretending that we are someone else, it is much easier to see who we actually are. If we want to behave as Superman, we try as much as possible to exclude our body language and language in general in order to fully experience the role. But this is the moment when we ask ourselves- what would Superman do and what would I do in a particular situation?

In other words, it is easier to have a new perspective on things once you get into your role. Of course, you can always choose just to have a mask and not act accordingly, but what’s the point? Everyone will try to be their costume more than themselves.

Goodbye superego

Once we are not ourselves anymore, it is much easier to break those “unconscious rules” that reign the human mind. Imagine that you are in a bus and you decide while masked, not to pay the fare but have a free ride instead. It is much easier to get away with it since you are wearing a mask and you do not feel guilty conscience because you did it. Of course, do not try it because it is illegal, but should you decide to do something like that, please pay attention to how you feel. You are not you — you are someone else. And it is not you who commits a crime but your “avatar”.

Aren’t we all wearing masks all the time? We are different people on Facebook and we act differently towards different people, somehow adjusting to them. But that’s not us. That’s not me. Masking is just an excuse to make that difference more physical. An excuse not te be ourselves.

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